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Retail Price List:

1/2-Inch ScaleRetail Price
H26071/2" 3-DwnArmFrostTulipChand$27.50
H50161/2" 5-Shelf Bookcase/Unfin$6.95
H26181/2" 6-Candle Colonial Chand$43.75
H50031/2" 8-Light Std Wind/Shutters$4.75
H20281/2" Black Enamel Coach Lamp$17.95
H27181/2" Brass Floor Lamp$14.95
H20171/2" Candlestick Lamp$11.50
H1003K1/2" Colonial Component Set$350.65
H10031/2" Colonial Shell Kit/Unfin$134.00
H20081/2" Dbl wht shade wall sconce$19.50
H20141/2" Frosted Floral Oil Lamp$11.95
H22161/2" FuseForPowerStrip/4pc/pkg$2.95
H1002K1/2" Georgian Component Set$379.90
H10021/2" Georgian Shell Kit/Unfin$152.00
H73211/2" Latex Flagstone Sheet$19.95
H50251/2" Louvered Shutter/2pc/pkg$3.50
H70121/2" Newel Post/6pc/pkg$3.95
H70091/2" Porch Spindle/12pc/plg$4.25
H22031/2" Power Strip/Fuse$16.50
H26521/2" Round Globe Ceiling Lamp$12.75
H50041/2" Sgl 4-LightWindow/IntTrim$4.95
H70201/2" Stair Handrail/1pc$1.00
H70191/2" Stair Spindle/12pc/pkg$4.25
H70001/2" Straight Staircase Kit$16.00
H90021/2" Thornhill Component Set$499.09
H20061/2" Tiffany Table Lamp$11.95
H60071/2" Traditional Interior Door$8.95
H22021/2" Twin Socket 2pcs/pkg$5.95
H-721/2" Unfinished Colonial Kit$109.00
H-921/2" Unfinished Farmhouse Kit$129.00
H1001K1/2" Victorian Component Set$430.50
H60131/2" Victorian Door/Int Trim$17.95
H60331/2" Victorian Glazed Door$8.95
H10011/2" Victorian Shell Kit/Unfin$184.00
H20071/2" Wht Rd Globe Wall Sconce$11.95
H24071/2" Wood Cupola$5.50
H50241/2"" 12-Light Standard Window$5.75
H50081/2"BayWindow/3 8-LightWind$15.95
H11161/2"Brass Doorknob/12pc/pkg$7.95
H20221/2"Brass Trad Carriage Lamp$15.95
H60111/2"Classic Dbl French Door$12.50
H20021/2"Crown Tiffany Table Lamp$11.95
H70411/2"Door&Window Casing/6pc/pkg$2.95
H70021/2"Dormer Unit/Window$11.50
H60011/2"Exterior 4-Panel Door$6.25
H82091/2"LatexUsed BrickSheet$19.95
H26111/2"White Hanging Lamp$12.95
H60141/2"Yorktown Door/Int Trim$13.25
H11141/2' DrKnob/plate&key 6pc/pkg$3.50
H50231/2-Inch 8-Light Window$5.75
H7005Fishscale Shingles,400 pc/pkg$9.25
AccessoriesRetail Price
4036A-Z Bookends$5.95
4037Baluster Pedestal$8.95
4056Black Bath Accessory Set / 5pc$16.95
4053Braided Wicker Ottoman$9.95
4054Corona Typewriter$8.95
4031Countertop Paper Towel Holder$4.95
4050Deco Fireplace Mantel$16.95
4034Horse Bookends$5.95
4065Ice Bucket With Handle /2pc$4.95
4038Kensington Bowl Planter$10.95
4032Knife Block w/4Knives$4.95
4042Large Resin Clay Pot / 2 pcs.$16.95
4045Low Square Succulent Planter$9.95
4041Med. Resin Clay Pot / 2 pcs.$12.95
4059Modern Ice Bucket Set / 3pcs$8.95
4039Olympian Bowl Planter$10.95
4035Pineapple Bookends$6.95
4015Resin Bathroom/3 Pc. Set$31.95
4016Resin Candle Holders 3pc set$8.95
4017Resin Clocks, 2pc$7.95
4029Resin Cocktail Shaker$2.95
4028Resin Coffee Maker$9.95
4021Resin Dark Block Table/ 2pcs$12.95
4018Resin Fireplace$7.95
4024Resin Oblong Baskets/ 2pcs$8.95
4026Resin Patio Jars/ 3pcs$15.95
4025Resin Round Baskets,2pcs$7.95
4023Resin Square Planters, 2pcs.$6.95
4020Resin White Block Table,2pcs$12.95
4027Resin White Vases/ 3pcs$4.95
4019Resin Wicker Table$6.95
4022Resin Yellow/Gray Jars/ Set 2$3.95
4052Rope Ottoman$9.95
4060Row Of Old Books$8.95
4061Row Of Worn Books$14.95
4033Scroll Bookends$6.95
4048Small Manor Fireplace Mantel$13.95
4040Small Resin Clay Pot/ 2 pcs.$8.95
4062Stack Of Big Books$8.95
4064Stack Of Encyclopedias$8.95
4063Stack Of Old Books$14.95
4046Succulent Planter Bowl$6.95
4044Succulents in Planter/ 3 pcs.$9.95
4043Tall Block Planters/ 2 pcs.$10.95
4047Tall Sq. Succulents/ 3 pcs.$19.95
4049Tudor Fireplace Mantel$26.95
4055Underwood Typewriter$9.95
4030Wall Paper Towel Holder$4.95
4058White Bath Accessory Set /5pcs$16.95
4057Wicker Bath Accessory Set /5pc$17.95
4051Wicker Ottoman$9.95
Building ComponentsRetail Price
90021" Thornhill Component Set$769.40
70681/2" Channel Moulding 1pc$5.50
70461/2" Corner Moulding/ 1pc$3.50
50172-Panel Jamestwn Shutr 2pc/pk$4.50
50223 PanelAmerShutr 2pc/pkg$4.95
70563 Step Door & Window Case 1pc$1.95
70843-Scallop Gingerbread Trim 1pc$3.95
70673/8" Channel Moulding 1pc$5.25
70453/8" Corner Moulding 1pc$3.95
71453/8" Corner Moulding 2/pkg$8.95
7058Apex Trim 2pc/pkg$2.95
7055Baseboard with Shoe Mldg 1pc$3.75
7097Bonnet Window Ped 2pc/pkg$4.95
7048Chair Rail Moulding 1pc$1.95
7047Crown Moulding 1pc$3.25
7172Dbl Deerfield Door Ped 2pc/pkg$19.95
7072Deerfield Window Ped,2/pkg$11.50
7008Dentil Crown Moulding 18"L$2.75
7041Door & Window Case 1pc 3/8"w$2.50
7044Door & Window Casing 1pc 1/2"w$2.50
7070Fed Hooded Window Ped 2pc/pkg$5.95
7075Grooved Moulding 1pc$3.50
5018Large Louvered Shutter 2pc/pkg$3.25
7062Large Picket Roof Ridge 22"1pc$4.99
5025Louvered Shutter, 1 pair/pkg.$3.25
5019Medium Louvered Shutter 2pc/pk$3.25
7083Narrow Victorian Trim 1pc$3.95
7521Pine Stripwd 3/16x1" 12pc/pkg$19.99
7518Pine Stripwd 3/16x1/2 12pc/pkg$11.99
7516Pine Stripwd 3/16x3/16 12pc/pk$6.99
7520Pine Stripwd 3/16x3/4 12pc/pkg$16.99
7517Pine Stripwd 3/16x3/8 12pc/pkg$9.99
7519Pine Stripwd 3/16x5/8 12pc/pkg$14.99
7527Pine Stripwood 1/4x1" 6pc/pkg$12.99
7524Pine Stripwood 1/4x1/2 12pc/pk$14.99
7522Pine Stripwood 1/4x1/4 12pc/pk$8.99
7526Pine Stripwood 1/4x3/4 6pc/pkg$9.99
7523Pine Stripwood 1/4x3/8 12pc/pk$11.99
7525Pine Stripwood 1/4x5/8 12pc/pk$16.99
7513Pine Stripwood 1/8x1/2 12pc/pk$9.99
7510Pine Stripwood 1/8x1/8 12pc/pk$4.99
7515Pine Stripwood 1/8x3/4 12pc/pk$14.99
7512Pine Stripwood 1/8x3/8 12pc/pk$7.99
7514Pine Stripwood 1/8x5/8 12pc/pk$11.99
7529Pine Stripwood 3/8x1/2 12pc/pk$19.99
7531Pine Stripwood 3/8x3/4 6pc/pkg$11.99
7528Pine Stripwood 3/8x3/8 12pc/pk$14.99
7530Pine Stripwood 3/8x5/8 6pc/pkg$10.99
7511Pinestripwood 1/8x1/4 12pc/pk$6.99
7168Pkgd 1/2" Channel Mldg 2pc$12.00
7146Pkgd 1/2" Corner Mldg 2pc$6.95
7144Pkgd 1/2" Door & Wind Case 3pc$8.50
7184Pkgd 3-Scallop Gingerbread 2pc$6.95
7156Pkgd 3-Step Dr & Win Case 3pc$5.50
7167Pkgd 3/8" Channel Mldg 2pc$11.50
7149Pkgd Baseboard Moulding 3pc$7.75
7155Pkgd Baseboard with Shoe 3pc$12.25
7148Pkgd Chair Rail 4pc$6.95
7147Pkgd Crown Moulding 3pc$10.75
7108Pkgd Dentil Crown Mldg 3pc$8.50
7141Pkgd Door & Window Casing 3pc$8.50
7175Pkgd Grooved Moulding 3pc$11.50
7179Pkgd Lg Scallop Gngrbrd 3pc$9.75
7183Pkgd Narrow Victorian Trim 2pc$7.95
7174Pkgd Plinth Base Mldg 2pc$8.95
7178Pkgd Sm Scallop Gngrbrd 3pc$9.75
7169Pkgd Small Crown Mldg 3pc$6.95
7157Pkgd Victorian Skirt Trim3/pkg$6.25
7182Pkgd Wide Victorian Trim 2pc$8.50
7074Plinth Base Moulding 1pc$3.95
7060Roof Ridge Moulding 22"L$5.50
7066Roof Ridge w/Groove, 32"L$5.95
7173Sgl Deerfield Door Ped 2pc/pkg$10.95
7069Small Crown Moulding 1pc$1.95
7061Small Picket Roof Ridge 22"1pc$4.99
7078Small Scallop Gngrbrd Trim 1pc$3.95
7120Stair/Landing Handrail 2pc/pkg$4.50
7057Victorian Skirt Trim 1pc$2.50
7082Wide Victorian Trim 1pc$4.25
7064Wood Head Blocks 12pc/pkg$3.25
7014Yorktown Door Pediment 2pc/pkg$7.95
7018Yorktown Window Ped 2pc/pkg$6.00
Cabinetry & AppliancesRetail Price
14409Corner Cupboard(Upper/Lower)$9.50
14410Kit Oven Cab/Assemb/Unfin$17.95
14404Kitch 1.5"Base4drw/Assmb/Unfin$15.99
13407Kitch 2.0"UpCab/Kit/Unfin$7.50
13408Kitch 3.0"UpCab/Kit/Unfin$8.25
13411Kitch Center Island/Kit/Unfin$16.50
13434Kitch Dishwasher/Kit/Unfin$8.95
13433Kitch Refrigerator/Kit/Unfin$21.95
13420Kitch WdTrimWht/top/Kit/Unfin$5.99
13409Kitch.Corner (Upper,Lower)$6.99
13404Kitch1.5"Base/4 drwr/Kit/Unfin$11.95
14401Kitchen 1.5"Base/Assmb/Unfin$12.50
13401Kitchen 1.5"Base/Kit/Unfin$7.99
13406Kitchen 1.5"Up Cab/Kit/Unfin$5.49
14406Kitchen 1.5"Upper/Assemb/Unfin$8.99
14407Kitchen 2.0 Upper/Assemb/Unfin$8.99
14402Kitchen 2.0"Base/Assmb/Unfin$12.50
13402Kitchen 2.0"Base/Kit/Unfin$9.75
14403Kitchen 3.0"Base/Assmb/Unfin$17.99
13403Kitchen 3.0"Base/Kit/Unfin$12.25
14408Kitchen 3.0"Upper/Assemb/Unfin$12.95
13430Kitchen Metal Oven Front$5.99
13431Kitchen Metal Sink$5.99
13435Kitchen Metal Stove Hood$2.95
13432Kitchen Metal Stove Top$5.99
13410Kitchen Oven Cab/Kit/Unfin$12.50
9953Store Counter/Unfin$17.95
9954Store Shelf/Unfin$19.95
5010Wood 1 Unit 4 Shelf Bookcase$11.95
5016Wood 1-Unit 5 Shelf Bookcase$12.95
5029Wood 3 Shelf Corner Cabinet$15.95
5009Wood 3-Unit 4 Shelf Bookcase$22.95
5011Wood 3-Unit 5 Shelf Bookcase$23.50
DollhousesRetail Price
41011" Colonial Shell Kit/Unfin$279.00
42021" Georgian Shell Kit/Unfin$319.00
000871/2" QB Finish New EngLighthse$259.00
FP-72QB Farmhouse Porch Kit$98.00
00080QB Firehouse Dollhouse Kit$389.00
DollsRetail Price
3095Mary Jane$11.95
3043Mr. Sherwood$15.95
3093Mrs. Santa Standing$19.95
3040Mrs. Sherwood$15.95
3059Officer Bill$14.95
3088P J$10.95
3094Santa Standing$19.95
3045Sitting Grandfather$15.95
3046Sitting Grandmother$16.95
3049Sitting Mrs. Santa$17.95
3048Sitting Santa$17.95
Doors & WindowsRetail Price
506115-Light Window$11.95
500824-Light Bay Window$21.95
50044-Light Window 2pc/pkg$6.95
60014-Panel Traditional Door$10.95
60085-Panel Classic Interior Door$11.95
60215-Panel Trad Interior Door$9.95
60076-Panel Interior Door$10.95
60006-Panel Traditional Door$11.95
5057Bonnet Pediment Work Window$10.25
6023Carolina Door$13.95
5049Circlehead Dbl Casement Window$29.50
5048Circlehead Window$11.95
5034Classic Value Window$5.95
6012Crossbuck Door$13.50
6009Crossbuck Dutch Door$12.95
6026Dbl-Entry 6-Panel Inter Door$19.95
6028Deerfield Door with Sidelights$28.95
6034Double Deerfield Door$29.95
6011Double French Door$16.95
5056Glazed Dormer Window 2pc/pkg$8.75
6010Jamestown 6-Panel Door$23.50
5045Octagon Window$7.50
6015Palladian Single Door$23.50
6016Palladian Split Door$23.95
5014Palladian Working Window$18.95
5052Round Window$7.95
6029Saloon Door$12.75
6035Single Deerfield Door$19.95
6022Single French Door$19.95
6031Split 6-Panel Interior Door$12.95
5024Standard 12-Light Window$5.95
5023Standard 8-Light Window$5.25
5003Std 8-Light Shuttered Window$7.50
6027Sunburst 6-Panel Door$29.95
5051Trad Ped Non-Working Window$8.50
5044Trad Side-by-Side Work Window$14.75
5031Trad Slim Working Window$12.95
5046Trad Working Attic Window$9.95
6025Trad.Block&Trim Interior Door$14.95
5007Traditional 24-Light Window$11.95
6004Traditional Americana Door$13.95
5032Traditional Non-Working Window$7.95
5040Traditional Single Window$6.95
5000Traditional working window dou$9.95
6018Two Panel Glazed Door$11.50
5015Vict Side-by-Side Work Window$21.50
6013Victorian 6-Panel Door$21.50
5035Victorian Bay Window$30.95
6033Victorian Glazed Door$10.95
5042Victorian Non-Working Window$10.95
6002Victorian Oval Door$13.95
5039Victorian Single Window$8.95
5030Victorian Slim Working Window$16.50
5002Victorian Working Window$14.95
5020Working Bay Window$32.95
5050Working Casement Window$7.95
6036Working Garage Door Kit$48.50
5037Yktwn Side-by-Side Work Window$18.25
5021Yorktown 24-Light Window$16.95
6014Yorktown 6 Panel Door$15.75
5041Yorktown Non-Working Window$8.95
5038Yorktown Single Window$6.50
5001Yorktown Working Window$10.95
Exterior FinishesRetail Price
70401/2"Lap Clapboard 12" 10pc/pkg$28.95
70371/2"Lap Clapboard 24" 10pc/pk$55.95
70351/4"Lap Clapboard 24" 10pc/pk$55.95
70381/4"Lp Clapboard 12" 10pc/pk$28.95
73363'8" MDF Clapboard 10pc/pkg$23.95
70363/8"Lap Clapbard 24" 10pc/pk$55.95
70393/8"Lap Clapboard 12" 10pc/pkg$28.95
8208Common Brick Latex Sheet$25.95
8204Common Clay Bricks 50pc/pkg$3.75
8206Common Jnt Plastic Brick Sheet$14.95
8207Common Joint Corner, 11-1/2"L$8.50
7105Fishscale Shingle 1000pc/pkg$34.95
7005Fishscale Shingle 100pc/pkg$4.95
7103Octagon Butt Shingle 1000pc/pk$34.95
7003Octagon Butt Shingle 100pc/pkg$5.25
8202Patio Clay Brick Sheet/Mesh$19.95
8205Patio Clay Bricks 50pc/pkg$3.75
7503Picket Fence 4pc/pkg$14.95
7404Sq.Butt WoodShingleStrip 12/pk$11.95
7104Square Butt Shingle 1000pc/pkg$32.95
7004Square Butt Shingle 100pc/pkg$4.95
8209Used Brick Latex Sheet$25.95
Fireplaces & ChimneysRetail Price
2022Americana Flickering Fireplace$46.95
2407Cupola 1pc/pkg$6.95
2403Jamestown Fireplace$14.50
2401Monticello Fireplace/Turnings$17.95
2406Square Chimney 1pc/pkg$5.50
2408Wood Brick Chimney$12.95
Floors, Walls & CeilingsRetail Price
790412x14"Foamback Beige Carpet$10.50
794612x14"Foamback Burgundy Carpet$10.50
792112x14"Foamback Off-Wht Carpet$10.50
8220Black Glass Mosaic Tile Sheet$9.95
7021Black Walnut Wood Floor$20.95
7311Blk& White Octagon Vinyl Floor$9.50
7317Blk&Beige Octagon Vinyl Floor$11.95
7328Blue Lg Hex Vinyl Tile Floor$9.95
7332Blue Small Hexagon$11.95
7324Blue&White Octagon Vinyl Floor$8.95
7320Cobblestone Latex Sheet$19.95
8218Dark Blue Glass Mosaic Sheet$9.95
7319Grey Flagstone Vinyl Floor$11.95
8219Grey Mosaic Tile Sheet$9.95
7007ParquetWoodFloor 6-2x6"pc/pkg$15.95
7327Pink Lg Hex Vinyl Tile Floor$9.95
7331Pink Sm Hex Vinyl Tile Floor$11.95
7308Pink Sq. Vinyl Tile Floor$9.50
7316Powder Blue SqTile Vinyl Floor$9.50
7024Random Plank Wood Floor$16.95
7122Red Oak Random Plk Wood Floor$16.95
7022Red Oak Wood Floor$19.50
7313Small Circle Vinyl Tin Ceiling$9.95
7123So. Pine Rand Plk Wood Floor$16.95
7023Southern Pine Wood Floor$19.50
7318White Flagstone Vinyl Floor$11.95
7305White Sq. Vinyl Tile Floor$8.50
7329Wht Sm Hex Vinyl Tile Floor$9.50
7326Yellow Lg Hex Vinyl Tile Floor$9.95
7330Yellow Sm Hex Vinyl Tile Floor$11.95
7307Yellow Sq. Vinyl Tile Floor$9.50
FurnitureRetail Price
13008Chippendale ArmChairKit/Unfin$12.99
13010Chippendale Bureau Kit/Unfin$15.95
13104Colonial 4PostDblBedKit/Unfin$14.49
13102Colonial Dough Box Kit/Unfin$9.99
HardwareRetail Price
12004Brass Knob & Plate 12set/pkg$6.50
1101Black Enameled S-Hook 4pc/pkg$1.75
1129Brass 4mm Pin Nail 100pc/pkg$3.75
1128Brass 6mm Pin Nail 100pc/pkg$3.50
1108Brass Bell Pull 2pc/pkg$1.50
1122Brass Butt Hinge 4pc/pkg/nails$7.95
1124Brass Chip Draw Pull 6set/pk$3.25
43105Brass Chip Key Plate 12pc/pkg$3.95
1144Brass Crystal Door Knob 6pc/pk$5.25
43103Brass Door Hinge/Nail 6pc/pkg$8.25
1107Brass Door Knocker 1pc/pkg$5.25
1110Brass Door Pull 2pc/pkg$6.25
12006Brass Escutcheon Pin 26pc/pkg$1.69
12038Brass Finial 4pc/pkg$2.19
1131Brass H Hinge w/nails 2pr/pkg$9.75
1113Brass Hep.Drawer Pull 6set/pkg$2.25
1133Brass HepwhtDrawPull 6set/pkg$4.25
1132Brass HL Hinge w/nails 4pc/pkg$5.00
1147Brass House Numbers 1set/pkg$4.50
43115Brass Key Plate 12pc/pkg$2.95
12003Brass Key Plate 12pc/pkg$1.69
1150Brass Kick Plate 2pc/pkg$3.50
12005Brass Knob 16pc/pkg$5.75
1114Brass Knob/Key Plate 2pc/pkg$4.95
1148Brass Mail Slot 1set/pkg$4.50
1111Brass Medallion Knob 2pc/pkg$1.95
43104Brass Plate/Door Pull 12set/pk$4.95
1105Brass Provincial Knob 2pc/pkg$3.95
1127Brass Rd Cab Pull 6pc/pkg$5.25
1102Brass S-Hook 4pc/pkg$1.50
1112Brass Small Round Knob 6pc/pkg$2.25
1119Brass Sq Drawer Pull 4pc/pkg$1.75
1120Brass Sq. Hinge 4pc/pkg$3.00
1130Brass T Hinge w/nails 4pc/pkg$3.75
1121Brass Triangle Hinge 4pc/pkg$5.95
43113Brass Vict Drawer Pull 12pc/pk$8.95
1123Brass Window Pull 6pc/pkg$6.50
1134Brs Americana Lock/Key 1set/pk$2.50
12002Brs Chip Key Plate 12pc/pkg$1.69
12001Brs Chip Pull & Plate 8set/pkg$2.50
1117Brs Dbl Flower DwrPull 4pc/pk$1.75
43102Brs Lg Chip Plate/Bail 12st/pk$6.25
1139Brs Opryland Knob/K Pl 2set/pk$4.25
43101Brs Sm Chip Plate/Bail 12st/pk$5.50
1145Brs Trad RdKnb/Bk Pl 6set/pk$7.50
1146Brs Vict Knb/Bk Pl 4set/pkg$5.95
1143Brs/Crstl Opryland Knb 2pc/pk$5.25
1142Brs/Crystal Knob/Plate 2pc/pkg$3.00
1141Brs/Crystal Medal Knob 2pc/pkg$2.75
1140Brs/Crystal Prov Knob 2 pc/pkg$2.75
1103Chippendale Key Plate 6set/pkg$2.25
1104Furniture Casters 12 pc/pkg.$9.25
1116Plain Brass Knob 6pc/pkg$5.75
1106SmGld Plt Screw 20pc/pk$2.95
1115White Enameled Knob 6pcs./pkg$5.25
How - To PublicationsRetail Price
10013-in-1 Dollhouse Plan Book$5.95
1009Birdhouses Across America Book$5.95
1006Craft Designs Project Book$4.95
1008Everything About Dlhs Inst Bk$9.95
1000Houseworks Catalog$0.00
1002Les Shoppes Plan Book$5.95
1011Miniature Furniture Workbook$6.95
91201Playscale Country House Book$6.95
91401Playscale Estate Plan Book$6.95
91301Playscale Vict.Twnhse Plan Bk$6.95
1003Townsend Towers Plan Book$5.95
1005Tuxedo Place Plan Book$5.95
LightingRetail Price
2351LED Silver Hurricane Lamp$22.25
Lighting & ElectricalRetail Price
2310LED Black Yard Lamp$33.95
250912-Bulb Color Xmas Ball String$24.95
222612V Transform 1670ma/26 bulb$34.95
221912V Transformer 1300ma/20 blub$25.95
221412VRound Screw Base Bulb4pc/pk$5.95
254314Bulb Replaceable Xmas String$26.95
27262-Arm Frost Fluted Chand65ma$17.95
251324-Bulb Color Xmas String 3mm.$17.25
251224Bulb Clear Xmas String 3mm,$15.25
25342Arm Ornate Chand w/red floral$19.95
27353-Arm Clr GlobeChandelier65ma$24.75
27343-Arm Frosted Tulip Chandelier$24.95
25233-Arm White Candle-Shade Chand$25.95
27544-CndlWeddingCakeChand 65ma$12.95
20095-Arm Palace Chand65ma$38.95
25775-Panel Hanging Lamp$14.25
25246-Arm Brass Col. Chand/Bi-Pin$49.95
20106-Arm Colonial Chandelier$42.95
25336-Arm Frost Chimney Chandelier$44.95
2002Americana Swag Lantern$11.95
2211Bi-Pin Micro GORice Bulb4pc/pk$3.95
2510Black Post Lamp$12.50
2511Black Yard Lamp 65ma$17.50
2522Blk Americana Hanging Lamp$12.95
2518Blk Coach Lamp Sconce65ma$11.95
2817Brass 3-Arm Crystal Chandelier$188.95
2816Brass 6-Arm Crystal Chandelier$244.95
2614Brass Carriage Lamp65ma$15.75
2014Brass Coach Lamp$16.75
2572Brass Col Table Lamp 65ma$12.95
2571Brass Column Flr Lamp/Crystal$18.50
2818Brass DblCandleCrystal Sconce$57.95
2708Brass Desk Lamp/NRplBlb$11.95
2568Brass Downbridge Floor Lamp$24.50
2718Brass Floor Lamp 65ma$10.95
2205Brass Grommets 20pc/pkg$1.95
2516Brass Ornate Coach Lamp Sconce$11.95
2228Bulb Extractor Tool$2.95
2103Can/Flam SB Bulb/Socket 2pc/pk$5.50
2815Candlebody Bulbs 4pc/pkg.$8.95
2630Ceiling Fan w/Globe Light$21.95
2793Clear Square Ceiling Lamp$12.50
2669Clr Etched Ceiling Lamp65ma$9.95
2101Cndlflame Screw Base Bulb 4pcs$10.95
2013Colonial Dbl-Cndl Wall Sconce$14.95
2220Copper Tape Wire 30 ft. Roll$37.50
2230Copper Tape Wire 50 ft. Roll$59.95
2221CopperTape Wire 15 ft. Roll$20.95
2526Dbl Candle Wall Sconce/Bi-Pin$16.95
2673Dbl FrostTulipWall Sconce65ma$15.50
2612Dbl-Candle Shell Wall Sconce$14.50
2019Flicker Flame Unit$8.25
2300Four Lithium CR927 Batteries$12.95
2671Frost EtchedCeilingLamp65ma$9.95
2216Fuses/1500 ma 4pc/pkg$2.95
2749Glowing Embers$7.25
8102Gr of Wheat Bulb16V/8"Wire$1.35
2553Large Clear Bead Hanging Lamp$10.50
2361LED 6Arm Silver/Crystal Chandl$285.00
2301LED Bl/wht Porc.Tbl Lamp$22.95
2308LED Blk Coach Lamp Sconce$27.95
2315LED Blk Hanging Coach Lamp$28.95
2306LED Brass Carriage Lamp$27.95
2309LED Brass Floor Lamp$25.95
2311LED Chrome Flr Lamp/Rd Shd$26.50
2339LED Clear Etched Ceiling Lamp$23.95
2328LED Copper Dbl FrstFlutSconce$40.95
2325LED Copper Hurricane Lamp$22.95
2332LED Dbl FrostTulip Wall Sconce$37.95
2335LED Dbl Wht Shd Wall Sconce$38.95
2336LED Fancy Clear Ceiling Lamp$22.95
2340LED Flickering Red Light$12.95
2338LED Frost Etched Ceiling Lamp$23.95
2337LED Globe Ceiling Lamp$22.95
2312LED Lg Frost TulipCeilingLamp$23.95
2317LED Mod. Hanging Lamp/Cone Shd$22.95
2316LED Mod. Hanging Lamp/Rd Shd$22.95
2331LED Nickel Tiffany Table Lamp$22.95
2303LED Ornate Tbl Lamp Fluted Shd$22.95
2305LED Sgl Frost TulipWallSconce$22.95
2329LED Tiffany Hanging Lamp$25.95
2302LED Trad. Hurricane Lamp$22.95
2327LED Vict Brass Post Lamp$31.95
2314LED Wedding Cake Chandelier$23.95
2307LED White Globe Wall Sconce$23.25
2330LED WhiteTiffany Hanging Lamp$22.95
2304LED Wht Glass Tbl Lamp Wht Shd$32.95
2313LED Wht Globe Ceiling Fan$41.95
2319LED2-arm Frost Fluted Chand$37.95
2321LED3-Arm Frost Dn Tulip Chand$48.95
2323LED5-Arm Frost Dn Tulip Chand$75.95
2334LEDBlack Fancy Coach Lamp$26.95
2324LEDBlk Nickel Coach Lamp$29.95
2326LEDNickel LgFrostTulipTbl Lamp$22.95
2631Lg Frost Tulip Ceiling Fan65ma$24.95
2547Lg Frosted Open Ceiling Lamp$11.25
2650Lg FrostTulip Ceiling Lamp65ma$9.95
2517Long Chimney Hurricane Lamp$10.95
2204Male Plugs 6pc/pkg$3.95
2830Mod Flr Lamp /Cone Shd$18.50
2831Mod Flr Lamp /Rd Shd$18.50
2832Mod Flr Lamp /Sq Shd$13.95
2833Mod Hanging Lamp/Cone Shd$10.95
2825Mod Tbl Lamp 2/Rd Shd$22.95
2822Mod Tbl Lamp/Cone Shd$12.95
2828Mod Wall Lamp /Rd Shd$12.95
2827Mod Wall Lamp/Cone Shd$12.95
2813Nostalgia 3-Arm Crystal Chand$188.95
2812Nostalgia 6-Arm Crystal Chand.$244.95
2532Ornate Tbl Lamp w/Fluted Shade$12.95
2218Plug-In Sgl Wall Recep4pc/pkg$5.25
2203Power Strip$11.95
2215Rd SB Bulb/Socket 2pc/pkg$6.50
2642Scalloped Table Lamp$9.25
2525Sgl Candle Wall Sconce/Bi-Pin$10.95
2640Sgl FrostTulip Wall Sconce65ma$8.95
2202Sgl Recep Ext Cord 4pc/pkg$6.95
2636Sgl White Tulip Wall Sconce$10.95
2605SglCandle Wall Sconce65ma$9.95
2829Sm Blk Coach Lamp. Shade snam$12.95
2229Test Probe$5.50
2008Tiffany Swag Hanging Lamp$9.95
2006Tiffany Table Lamp$9.95
2201Tpl Recep Ext Cord 2pc/pkg$7.25
2626Traditional Clr Hurricane Lamp$9.95
2721Triple Frost Tulip Ceiling Fan$31.95
2527TripleCandle Wall Sconce/BiPin$20.95
2217Two Conductor Wire 50 ft/pkg$6.95
2652White Globe Ceiling Lamp65ma$9.95
2603White Globe Wall Sconce$11.95
2681White Medallion Ceiling Lamp$9.25
2530White Teardrop Table Lamp$12.95
MiscellaneousRetail Price
9065Large 12" Metal Turntable$14.95
9064Medium 9" Metal Turntable$8.95
7080Moulding Display Rack$0.00
59334Quick Grip Glue 2oz.$9.00
9062Small 6" Metal Turntable$6.50
9060Wood Tabletop Turntable$46.00
PlayscaleRetail Price
96010Jamestown Exterior Door$40.95
96012Playscale Crossbuck Ext. Door$21.95
99401Playscale EstateDlhseKit/Unfin$795.00
96015Playscale Palladian Ext. Door$26.95
95014Playscale Palladian Window$18.95
99301Playscale Townhouse Kit/Unfin$629.00
95024Playscale Trad 12-Light Window$9.50
95032Playscale Trad Non-Work Window$9.50
95049Playscl Circlehd Casemt Window$24.95
97010Plyscl 12-3/4"Fluted Col4pc/pk$17.50
97208Plyscl 3/4" Wood Ball 8pc/pkg$7.50
97207Plyscl 5" Fluted Post 10pc/pkg$14.75
97219Plyscl WD Drawer Pull 2pc/pk$4.25
00074QB Playscale Townhouse DlhsKit$659.00
Room Box Kits - UnfinishedRetail Price
9047Ex Large MDF Display Box$79.00
9046Large MDF Display Box$49.00
9045Medium MDF Display Box$32.00
9044Small MDF Display Box$29.00
Shell Component Sets- 1" ScaleRetail Price
4303K1" Victorian Component Set$698.20
4101K1" Colonial Component Set$592.50
Shops & Room BoxesRetail Price
90579" Deep Room Box Kit/Unfin$43.50
9992Bay Window Shop Kit/Unfin$110.00
9900Conservatory Kit/Unfin$110.00
9991Corner Shop Kit/Unfin$120.00
9997Garage Kit/Unfin$99.00
9998Grand Room Box Kit/Unfin$59.95
9054Side by Side RoomBox Kit/Unfin$46.95
9053Single Room Box/Unfinished$35.00
9993Two Window Shop Kit/Unfin$110.00
9055Two-Story Room Box Kit/Unfin$40.00
StaircasesRetail Price
12034Cabriole Leg 1 3/16" 2pc/pkg$2.89
12035Cabriole Leg 1 9/16" 2pc/pkg$2.89
7202Centurian Baluster 12pc/pkg$5.50
7205Centurian Newel Post 6pc/pkg$5.25
7206Clas Narrow Newel Post 6pc/pkg$5.50
7211Classic Porch Rail 2set/pkg$4.95
7220Classic Stair Rail Set 2set/pk$4.95
7000Classic Straight Staircase Kit$23.95
7026Corbel Bracket 4pc/pkg$9.95
7027Eaves Bracket 4pc/pkg$4.25
43112Lg Cabriole Leg 1 9/16" 4pc/pk$4.95
7204Narrow Cent Newel Post 6pc/pkg$5.50
7100Narrow Straight Staircase Kit$15.95
7011Porch Railing Set 2set/pkg$5.95
7028Post Bracket 4pc/pkg$4.50
43111Sm Cabriole Leg 1 1/4" 4pc/pkg$4.95
7025Square Base Baluster 12pc/pkg$4.95
7209Square Newel Post 6pc/pkg$4.75
7020Stair/Landing Handrail 1pc$1.75
7203Traditional Baluster 12pc/pkg$5.95
7002Traditional Dormer Unit$15.95
7012Turned Newel Post 6pc/pkg$5.25
7010Turned Porch Post 4pc/pkg$7.25
7009Turned Porch Spindle 12pc/pkg$4.95
7019Turned Stair Spindle 12pc/pkg$4.50
7030Veranda Corner Post 4pc/pkg$7.25
12036Wood Finial 3/4" 4pc/pkg$2.95
12037Wood Finial 7/8" 4pc/pkg$3.25
12008Wood Post 3 3/4" 4pc/pkg$3.50
12022Wood Post 4 3/4" 2pc/pkg$3.25
12030Wood Spindle 1 1/4" 8pc/pkg$2.95
12031Wood Spindle 1 1/4" 8pc/pkg$3.50
12019Wood Spindle 1 9/16" 6pc/pkg$3.50
12020Wood Spindle 1 9/16" 6pc/pkg$2.95
12014Wood Spindle 2" 4pc/pkg$2.50
12032Wood Spindle 7/8" 10pc/pkg$3.95
12027Wood Spreader 1 1/2" 8pc/pkg$3.50
12025Wood Spreader 1 1/2" 8pc/pkg$3.50
12029Wood Spreader 1 1/4" 8pc/pkg$3.50
12024Wood Spreader 1 3/4" 6pc/pkg$2.50
12026Wood Spreader 1 3/8" 8pc/pkg$3.50
12028Wood Spreader 1 5/16", 8pcs.$3.50
7016Wood Urn Finial 1" 6pc/pkg$4.25
12007BWooden Knobs 100pc/pkg$27.50
12010Wooden Leg 1 1/2" 4pc/pkg$2.50
12017Wooden Leg 1 3/8" 8pc/pkg$3.95
12018Wooden Leg 1-1/2" 6pcs.$2.95
12016Wooden Leg 1-3/8",6pcs$2.95
12009Wooden Leg 2 1/2" 4pc/pkg$2.50
12011Wooden Leg 2 1/8" 4pc/pkg$2.50
12012Wooden Leg 2 3/16 4pc/pkg$2.50
12007Wooden Pull, 18 pcs.$5.95
WindowsRetail Price
5099Plexiglass 2 sheets 9"x12"$14.95

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